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Protective measures for importing animals and products of animal origin from the EU

Safeguard measures that apply for consignments to Switzerland

Normally no protective measures

Switzerland does normally not take protective measures concerning imports of animals and products of animal origin coming from the EU. The competent authorities of the consigning country guarantee that the rules and possible safeguard measures applicable for dispatching them between EU Member States are also applied when sending them to Switzerland, e.g. that they do not originate from regions subject to restrictions / prohibitions as a consequence of animal diseases.Please get informed (at the veterinary services competent for the Member state of destination) on possible sanitary restrictions the region of destination could be subject to (first of all before the temporary export of live animals). Otherwise,  you run the risk that your animals (or porducts) cannot anymore leave this region - not even to turn back to Switzerland and despite the import conditions "nomrmally applicable".

Imports of ruminants, semen and embryo from zones subject to restrictions regarding bluetongue disease

To leave a message for specialist staff: info@blv.admin.ch

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